Тестирование по английскому языку

Введите имя и фамилию:

1. I have two ____________, a boy and a girl.

2. This is my brother. ____________ name’s Paul.

3. ____________ five people in my family.

4. I get up ____________ 7 o’clock in the morning.

5. How much are ____________ shoes?

6. My sister ____________ tennis very well.

7. I usually go to work ____________ train.

8. Last night I ____________ to the cinema.

9. Rosie stayed ____________ home yesterday afternoon.

10. ____________ you have a good time at the party? Yes, it was fun.

11. Are you ____________ English teacher?

12. I like this apartment but the ____________ is too expensive for me.

13. Excuse me, how do I ____________ to the bus station?

14. Do you sell stamps? Yes, we do. How ____________ do you want?

15. I’d like ____________ milk in my coffee, please.

16. ____________ bus stop near my flat.

17. Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I ____________ dinner.

18. We ____________ going to the theatre next Saturday.

19. ____________ ever been to New York?

20. Did Amina finish the report? No. She ____________ it tomorrow.

21. We never ____________ a television when I was a child.

22. We paid the restaurant bill ____________ credit card.

23. If you ____________ money from a friend, you should always pay it back promptly.

24. I ____________ a lot of sport in my free time.

25. If the weather ____________ bad tomorrow, we can go to a museum.

26. About a billion cans of Coca-Cola ____________ drunk around the world every day.

27. Hans isn’t here. He ____________ to see his grandmother. He’ll be back tomorrow.

28. When I was a child, I ____________ climb the wall and jump into our neighbours’ garden.

29. Lena used to find work boring ____________ she became a nurse.

30. If I ____________ closer to my office, I could walk to work.

31. I ____________ outside the cinema when suddenly a police car arrived.

32. I’ve got to be at work in five minutes. Don’t worry, I ____________ you a lift if you want.

33. I couldn’t ____________ up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.

34. There’s no name on this dictionary. It ____________ be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.

35. Jon ____________ working on this project for a couple of months so he hasn’t made much progress yet.

36. What clothes should I pack for a trip to Boston? Well, it depends ____________ the time of year that you go.

37. Do you ever ask your neighbours to do favours ____________ you?

38. Some married couples seem to get more ____________ over time.

39. I don’t know how much this card costs. The price label’s ____________ off.

40. Ben got the job because he ____________ a very good impression at his interview.

41. I ____________ to be picking Tom up at the station but I’ve lost my keys.

42. By the age of 18, I ____________ not to go to university.

43. I’m afraid your car ____________ repaired before next week.

44. You may borrow my laptop ____________ you promise to look after it.

45. Pierre tends to put ____________ dealing with problems, rather than dealing with them immediately.

46. If the taxi hadn’t stopped for us, we ____________ standing in the rain.

47. ____________ I had the talent, I still wouldn’t want to be a movie star.

48. I was about to go to sleep when it ____________ to me where the missing keys might be.

49. There’s going to be a new department at work. They’ve asked me to ____________ it up.

50. By the end of today’s seminar I will ____________ to each of you individually.

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